Proud to announce that HappyPOS are the UKs first distributor of Mepos and Epos Now

Do you take credit card payments ?

Yes ?

When was the last time you checked your processing rates?

By far the most popular payment method in use today, credit and debit cards are a mandatory requirement for an effective payment operation. With consumers now expecting even more flexibility when it comes to making payments, including mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Card processing services have become much more complex and are fraught with hidden fees and limitations.

Making a direct comparison between providers and finding the best deal for your business is difficult, since rates and contracts vary from customer to customer.

But that is where we can help.

Let us do all the hard work for you, we will scour the market to find the best provider and rates for your business. 

We have years of experience and work with all the main acquirers. We can even arrange integration with over 100 PoS solutions. We have saved customers 40% on the fees, so do not settle for your current provider before speaking with us. 

We offer this service completely free of charge.  

No ?

We can provide the best credit card solution for your business.

No matter how big or small your business is, or what type of payment operation it requires, we can draw on our years of experience in the industry to find the best solution for you.

We can offer all types of solution from wireless, Bluetooth, wired and GPRS to accept payments. We can also integrate with over 100 software providers if needed. 

If your looking to start accepting cards then please get in touch and we can do the hard work for you for free.

Why let Happy PoS help


We work with all of the main acquirers such as Global Payments, World Pay and Evo Pay. We can arrange integrations with over 100 different software providers.


We can remove all of your stress from searching the market, and can even provide a paper free service.


We have saved our customers up to 40% on their processing fees.

We can even get you paid the next day for all your card transactions.

Frequently asked questions

I don’t need card payments thanks.

That’s great to hear, many business’s have given the same feedback over the years, if we were to say that you could increase your turnover by 25-30% then what kind of impact would that make to your business? 

Can you just tell me your rates?

So we can offer you the best service to suit your needs, we would like to fully understand your business first so we can tailor make bespoke package that will benefit you and your business

I already have a contract for payments.

Depending on the time you have left on your contract we recommend you speak with us. We can discuss with you the options you will have. We might be able to arrange for the old contract to be settled for you.

I’m a seasonal business and don’t want to pay for the months I’m not using the device?

We can arrange packages that don't charge a minimum monthly service charge, you would only pay the rental for the terminal.

How fast do I get paid ?

Settlement is 3 working days but depending on your business we could arrange next day payments so you get your money sooner. 

Are there any hidden or extra fees?

We can arrange packages that come we no extra fees just a low cost processing fee,

  •  No joining fees
  •  No online billing charges
  •  No minimum monthly charges
  •  No authorisation fees
  •  No PCI Compliance charge
  •  No fees for non-compliance

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